policy and advocacy

Currently the oldest metropolitan chamber in Africa, we continue to add value to our members through our robust interactions and partnerships with both the private and public sectors. These initiatives are over and above the numerous value adding services offered by the chamber and our system of Standing Forums which meet regularly to consider and debate relevant issues within the sectors that they represent.

In enabling the vision of the Durban Chamber, the Policy and Advocacy department provides reliable and relevant policy perspective through:
  1. Identifying government policy relevant to business in Durban
  2. Informing, through research, broader perspectives and approaches on such policy
  3. Liaising with relevant institutional structures to enhance robust collaboration
  4. Amplifying core issues that impact on business with short, medium and long term perspectives
  5. Promoting an appreciation of broad based economic, social and environmental sustainability
  6. Advocating good practice to our members and enabling policy for the city, province and state
  7. Assisting in promoting partnership approaches to complex problematic issues affecting business