Master Excel - From Beginner to Expert 06 Feb

Master Excel - From Beginner to Expert

Summit Solutions, a Business Information Solutions company who offer 17 years of experience in the data management, reporting and business information solutions industry, will be offering MS Excel Training that will improve both your skills and application in Excel. • Excel is widely used in the corporate environment today, to manage and analyse data, create spreadsheets and generate reports. • Data management, analysis and report generation are the core services delivered by Summit Solutions, making their MS Excel training unique and valuable. • Attend the courses and improve your skills in Excel. • Learn applications in Excel that will save you time, make your job easier and give you the tools you need to help you analyse your data and generate meaningful reports. • Start improving your staff’s skills on excel and see better results in your company’s overall data management and reporting systems. Pricing includes: Free 8Gb Flash Stick with demo videos and a library of shortcuts to take away with you, certificate of attendance, pre-training assessment (if required), light refreshments for half day courses and lunch for the full day advanced course.

Dates and costs per person: 05 February: Foundation course; Basic PC, Excel & Numeracy 08.30 - 15:30 | Members: R1350 | Non-members: R1450 06 February: Beginner course 08.30 - 13:00 | Members: R1350 | Non-members: R1450 07 February: Intermediate course 08.30 - 13:30 | Members: R1400 | Non-members: R1500 08 February: Advanced course 08:30 - 16:30 | Members: R1950 | Non-members: R2150 *Laptops available for rental @ R150/person/course if you don’t have your own with Excel 2013 or higher* All prices exclude VAT

06 Feb