Environmental Business Forum 07 Mar

Environmental Business Forum

Presentation 1: Circular economy, smart recycling and waste beneficiation Presenter: Chris Whyte, Managing Director of USE-IT USE-IT is the Waste Materials Recovery Industry Development Programme in Durban which Chris has headed since 2009. USE-IT have facilitated almost 2600 jobs in the waste and recycling sector in the last 9 years, leveraged 4.5 times their funding in landfill savings to the municipality and leveraged an additional 11 times that funding in commercial project development. USE-IT has created a model for green economic development and innovation in South Africa that works. Dealing in every aspect of the waste stream, USE-IT explore, invent and create opportunities in waste beneficiation that touch on waste management, water management, infrastructure, energy, social upliftment, environmental benefit, economic development, low-carbon development, enterprise development and skills development – all key aspects of sustainability and all Impact Amplifiers for the New Economy.

Presentation 2: Aquaculture. Presenter: Joash Govindsamy, Chief Executive Officer of Green Gold Technology GreenGold Technology founded by Joash Govindsamy, is an aquaculture company based in Verulam, Durban. Its three main products are fish, phytoplankton powder and aquaculture feed. The company aims to use innovative technology to help solve key challenges facing our world. We a have a mission to place South Africa at the cutting edge of innovation starting with the fundamentals of any growing economy – Food. Focusing first on the aquaculture industry. Presentation 3: Update on Environmental Legislation Presenter: James Ross - Norton Rose Fulbright

Venue: Norton Rose Fulbright Pencarrow Park, La Lucia Ridge, 3 Pencarrow Crescent, Durban

07 Mar