2 Day Workshop: Chairing Disciplinary Hearings 16 Apr

2 Day Workshop: Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

Objectives and outcomes of the course are: • the purpose of a disciplinary hearing; • the role of all parties in the disciplinary hearing; • the disciplinary hearing process; • facilitating the leading of evidence and examination of witnesses; • procedural and substantive fairness; • rules of evidence; • deciding the merits of the case and drafting a finding; • considering mitigating and aggravating factors; • fair and unfair dismissals; • reasons for dismissal; and • choosing the appropriate sanction.

The course content and pack include: training guides; cd resources with case studies; drafting your findings; making rulings in the disciplinary hearings. About the presenter: Denzile Reddiar is a seasoned Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner and academic who is passionate about justice. Denzile has a special interest in the area of labour, social and restorative justice. He has experience in forensic investigations as well as risk and compliance in a number of specialist industries including banking, gaming and betting, FMCG, logistics, audits (internal and external) and petroleum. Denzile is an accredited panel member of the ADR-SA.

Venue: Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Centre, 892 Umgeni Road, Lion Match Office Park, Durban.

16 Apr